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Hoooked was founded in 2008, based on the large amount of textile waste produced by the fashion industry. All of this waste could be easily recycled. So Hoooked was created with a commitment: classifying textile waste, grouping it by colour, material and composition.

The production centre in Portugal
Once waste is classified, it is brought into the processing centre in Portugal, where Hooked Hilados recycles it all to produce materials for DIY consumers.

A variety of yarns
As a result of recycling, new products are available, like Zpagetti, for making T-shirts, thick and available in a rich colour palette, always in tune with fashion trends and also for home items. Zpagetti is especially suitable for macramé projects. The company’s collection includes more sustainable yarns, also thick: Ribbon XL (light ribbon yarn), Spesso Chunky Cotton (grated fibres resulting in a new yarn) and Natural Yute (made by a family-owned sustainable and BCS-certified company, in Brazil).

New plant-based products
These two new yarns are also perfect for crocheting or knitting small items: Somen, aired cotton and linen yarn, ideal for summer clothes; and silky, soft Eucalyps, from European Eucalyptus woods, sustainably managed. Products by this company will be shown at H&H Cologne.

Recycling mindframe
Hoooked is more than just yarns, for it also makes knitting and crocheting kits, with everything necessary to materialize beautiful, creative projects. “Our thick yarns make it possible for everyone to complete larger projects in just a few hours. A house or closet full or handmade items is the best, and our kits make this available to everyone, even for those who never knitted or crocheted before. Our smaller, amigurumi kits are also very popular. Amigurumi are those small crocheted stuffed animals so popular today, and our collection has so much to offer. Since 2008 we have expanded our business to reach international markets, making it all available to more and more creative people. We also launched an online store in Spain last year, and have a Spanish distributor. “Even without major marketing efforts, we find that Spanish markets responded very well, and we love to see that so many crafters around the world discover and buy our recycled yarns. The more, the better! For sustainable materials are the best, and our yarns and kits are always there for consumers to find out about, at www.hoookedyarn.com”, the directors of this company explain.

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