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Time goes by, relentlessly, and fashion, lifestyle and choices change. However, we always find convenient and attractive assortments of nice clothes in boutiques, monobrand stores and chain stores. But there is something to it: how many times have we come into a coffee shop, only to find someone is wearing exactly the same outfit we chose for that day? The good news is we can do something to avoid that situation.

Do it yourself
We can create our own clothes, and that will guarantee they will be unique, exclusive. This is why the DIY trend has caught on, as a life philosophy to reflect our own personalities and also to decorate our homes with a personal touch. There are so many possibilities, and not only in these two areas. There is a whole world in creativity with textile items.

A personal touch in your home
It is so rewarding to recognize a part of yourself in every corner of your home, perhaps in a lined lampshade, in curtains for the living room, toys for your children, and more. All of these things we can create if we put our creativity and imagination to work.

Not just any fabric
If you want your creations to be truly unique and exceptional, you will need good fabrics. That is essential for good results. This is why Quilting Treasures and Ink & Arrow are quality fabrics in terms of both materials and print patterns, always exclusive. No others compare to them.

Theme collections
There is such a variety it is virtually impossible not to find what you want. You will always find the pattern and fabric your creativity has in mind. And as collections are grouped by theme, it is so easy to find the best style for your idea in no time at all. So, trust your creativity and skills, and choose the best and most solid option for your project. It is truly easy to find the best.

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