Estampadora Mahonesa was founded in 1954, as a manufacturer of brass fittings and semi-finished products, all of them following international trends. Today, fashion shows and magazines have taken this material to a new level, and Manuel Sintes, the General Director, tell us more about the expansion of his company.

Fashion jewelry, potential consumer segment
“Our main market segment is fashion jewelry. Most of our clients belong to this sector, though we also work with others, like footwear and leather goods. Brass is an alloy, 67% copper and 33% zinc, reliable and highly suitable for jewelry for items are in contact with the skin. We comply with REACH standards, and all of our products are nickel, cadmium and lead-free”.

Seven thousand articles
Such an extensive catalogue means it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. Whatever your need, you will find it. In addition to the catalogue, we find there are articles the company has designed exclusively upon requirement. The website is the best place to learn about all the collections. No need to register in order to browse the catalogue.

Large or small?
We ask our interviewee about the size of items for fashion jewelry, and he replies, “It will depend on market preferences. For instance, our domestic markets prefer larger items while in France, consumers want smaller items imitating genuine jewels”.
France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Holland and Portugal, among others, are all major consumers of the company’s products.

Wholesale dealers
“We sell to wholesale dealers. Our client profile is mainly manufacturers, wholesale dealers, and online sales. We don’t sell on line, but our clients do”.

Manufactured at the company’s own factory

Every product sold by the company is manufactured at its own facilities, and steps involved range from the design, to production and welding, while galvanizing services also guarantee quality.
“Of late, we are selling mostly what’s new on our catalogue, though other items continue to be sold as well depending on fashion trends”, our interviewee points out.

Present at trade fairs
This company located in Minorca has been exhibiting products for many years now, in fairs held in Milan, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Miami. They are also present at the two major fairs in the sector, Bisutex and Bijorhca, held in Spain and France twice a year. In addition, they are also participating in showrooms planned by the Spanish Association of Fashion Jewelry Makers and exporters, Sebime, grouping both national and international companies. “We cannot say there is only one trend, for it all depends on market preferences. Even so, our goal is to continue to meet clients’ needs, with items on our catalogue and those we continually add. Today, domestic markets are stable, and international markets are expanding”, our interviewee comments.

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