Avet thinks of the needs of today’s women and in this collection, it focuses on comfort and natural feels once again. Cotton and microfibers fabrics bring back floral print pattern, lending new life to them. There are new tulles, new textures that enhance the beauty of lingerie. Women consumers love the summer prints and simple, basic, functional lines, delighting in the quality of materials.

This spring season, clothes are so much closer to the skin and Avet discovers multiple colour choices inspiring the new collection ranging from black and subtle print patterns to pastel colours lending a delicate touch to lingerie. The collection dives in an ocean of trendy shades.

Avet offers, once again, good design and comfort. Elegance and coolness, with the common denominator of quality fabrics. Products by this brand are 100% made in our country, as are the fabrics. Avet is equipped with advances technology and complies with the highest quality standards (ISO 90001). The safest choice, without a doubt.

Avet chooses to combine styles and fill the wardrobes of all followers. You are sure to find space for Avet!

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