Bias tapes that enhance our Christmas decorations

As Christmas approaches almost every one of us thinks of that special touch we want to lend our home. Crafters and hobby fans are creative people, and love this season for it is especially interesting. We love to make changes to our decorations, though we also like simplicity and good taste, just to break away from routine and monotony, but without any radical changes. That’s why we look for materials and products that will be a part of our majestic, wonderful decorations this Christmas season.

Glitter, always indispensable
Very often, as we think of Christmas the image that comes to mind is filled with light and glitter, for celebrating is about that. “And for this coming season we are quite successfully selling our bias tapes with gold and silver glitter”, says Arantxa Mollá. She also adds, “Traditional esthetics are selling very well, always leading, and in fact it is all about pine tree green and the classic red”. Obviously, tradition will only accept those changes that are necessary, and then not too many.

The table as a central part
The Christmas table is, as usual, a central part for family and friends come together around it and we love decorations for they make a special dinner so much more attractive, not only as a nice surprise for others but also, because we want to enjoy it. We like to watch, learn, and enjoy what we can create with our own hands. Arantxa says, “Folded bias tapes in all of their versions contribute a plus of beauty to tablecloths and table runners”. We can’t possibly deny it, for it is true.

Our Christmas tree
What about decorations? For the tree, our windows and doors. Are there any new ideas, besides those we already know? Our interviewee answers bows are easy to make, and create an effective visual effect. “Ever year, our Christmas tree is full of bows and in our case, we change the main colour every season, depending on trends. This idea can obviously be applied to door and window decorations, combined with natural things like pinecones or dried fruit”.

Working with quality products is always pleasant
If you work with good products, results are bound to be excellent. Corbisa’s products mean quality, trendy colours and details, and all of this makes our lives so much easier. Creating decorations becomes a pleasant experience, and results are always very good. There is no need to create complicated objects, for the simple, traditional handmade decorations bring the family together if we want to share time with them!

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