A whole world of creativity is now available with Coton Perlé by DMC, the versatile embroidery thread with great torsion and satin sheen. DMC shows us that cotton Perlé can be ideal for multiple uses, and not just embroidery. Available in three versions: Perlé 8 small, Perlé 5 medium, and Perlé 3 large, in balls or skeins.

Suitable for many different creative projects
We can create bracelets by just wrapping the thread around a strap, and combine colours. Macramé, crochet, braids, etc. are ideal techniques if you want to make necklaces, key rings, rings, hair ornaments, or whatever you imagine. There are simple techniques that will result in so many great items and accessories.

Fabric and textile fancy jewels are in fashion
Today, trends call for textile bracelets, rings, necklaces…all made with yarns and threads previously used only for embroidery, and this means there are more and more consumers interested in these products. DMC has published five books, with 12 ideas each, including images, patterns and explanations. Each book focuses on a subject: embroidery, accessories, appliqués, lace, and crafts. Also, 18 Perlé Craft, crochet and embroidery brochures are available at stores for clients buying thread, floss and yarn. More than 150 patterns are available for downloading at All of this motivates crafts fans to create and enjoy what they make with their own hands. For enhanced visibility at stores, DMC has created displays and exhibit shelves, suitable for any corner in a shop.

Embroidery kits, a good starting point for success
DMC markets kits with all materials necessary for a project. Consumers who love crafts know they can find a full range of 6 kits of traditional embroidery creations, with three of them offering easy, colorful fun projects for beginners and three more for experienced embroidery fans. The kits include Perlé thread, fabric, patterns, needle, an embroidery frame (a separate kit), and explanations. Those who prefer crafts projects find that DMC also markets the necessary materials for making oval or round necklaces, earrings, leather bracelets with punched holes for the needle, wooden shapes also with the necessary holes, and small looms.

The most extensive range of colours
Coton Perlé is available in the most extensive range of colours: 144 shades for sizes 5 and 8; and 84 colours for size 3.
Coton Perlé is now also available in new packaging, with different boxes and labels, with a new clear collector’s box with a sliding cover, ideal for your threads and embroidery fabric.

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