Successful products will be those combining functionality and aesthetics in equal doses. For design will be no good if functionality is not as expected. This is why products by this company are manufactured following careful study and tests. So once they are sold, post-sales service is guaranteed.

Indispensable items for crafters
A good part of the novelties we find in the company’s catalog will address crafters. “Bags, purses, backpacks, will welcome the ribbons we manufacture. Clients will find the information they need on our website, or by contacting our sales department by phone. Our goal is to bring clients the kind of product that will encourage them to customize accessories or decorative items, with a good number of novelties so they have plenty of choices, says Ignacio Sánchez.

Faille ribbons add a plus of beauty to DIY projects
Well aware of market needs today, Sanflex brings us 100% polyester faille ribbons in different widths: 6, 12, 25, 38, 48, 68, 84 mm. in a full range of colours, in 25 mt. rolls. They are widely used to make bows and various crafts projects, and to recycle clothes, but also for making clothes, as decorations, or to add a personal touch to wrapped presents. These quality ribbons are lighter and glossier than the typical grosgrain but they are easier to work with, and the horizontal ribs lend them that fluid, dynamic effect. So whatever the project, it will look prettier.

Purses, backpacks, fanny packs
There are a number of accessories all consumers will buy, regardless of their age. The list includes purses, backpacks, messenger bags, fanny packs and belt bags. Polypropylene ribbons are used on almost every one of them. The backpack ribbon by Sanflex is known for its superior resistance. This article B1212430130 is available in 25-mt. rolls, in colours and sizes. The backpack ribbon is indispensable whenever our backpacks need mending or just because we want to lend them a personal touch of colour, to customize them.

So much more
Sanflex has prepared a very extensive catalog, for the company wants to meet every need in terms of market demands when it is all about customizing our accessories, those items we use or wear every day. We have only mentioned two products, for the sake of space, but the company website shows the variety of products available. We are sure to find exactly what we need, for that is the key to the success of Sanflex and its products.

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