Greenbird is a Russian online distributor of Japanese beads and rhinestones like Toho or Miyuki, Swarovski crystals and Tierra Cast high-quality metal components for fine jewelry makers. The company also distributes other brands and is located in Moscow, serving clients from around the world.
Owner Tatiana Zakharova founded her business 11 years ago, and was the first to sell these products in such an extensive variety.
Among the company’s clients there are famous jewelry designers like Guzel Bakeeva, Apollinaria Koprivnik, and Irena Gasha. This confirms that products sold by Greenbird are top quality, always excellent.
Of late, Greenbird has made an appearance on TV, and was also present in publications like Cosmopolitan and Handmade magazines.

Tatiana Zakharova gladly welcomed MERCERÍA ACTUALIDAD for the interview you will read below.

How many employees does your company have? Do you sell to many retailers/shops in Russia?
There are 20 people currently working for Greenbird, and we are looking for two more. At this point, retail sales are our main focus but we also do sell wholesale to stores and craft related businesses buying Swarovski, Toho, Italian sequins and some other products from us.

What brands does your company distribute in domestic and foreign markets?
We distribute a number of brands, like Swarovski, Miyuki, Togo, TierraCast, Au Ver a Soie…

What are your most widely sold products and those your clients value above all others?
Without a doubt, Swarovski crystals and Japanese seed beads are our most widely sold products.

Do you distribute Spanish brands? If so, which ones?
We used to sell components for liquorice bracelets but that trend came to an end, so we no longer carry those products. I wish I knew more about Spanish brands, for I’m sure they would inspire our customers.

Do you expect better results than last year’s? What product lines do you expect will lead sales?
We grow organically, along with the growing crafts market here in Russia, and every new year has been better than the previous one. We expect the coming year to be the same, and hope this growing trend will continue. At least, I do not see any reasons for it to be worse. We are always investing in top quality products. The ones that are perfect by themselves, and they become even better when integrated into craft projects made by our talented customers. Swarovski crystals and Japanese seed beads, sequins from Italy, silk threads from Paris, pure chic.

What are your views about the Russian haberdashery and crafts market?
I see it mostly from our specific jewelry-making approach. It all started with my love for beads and bracelets and when I hear “seed beads” I immediately think of jewelry, and only then about embroidery or anything else. Sequins and even silk threads are being used to create wearable art, not just wall hangings. As a store we do a lot to promote handmade jewelry and bring it to the next level. It’s not just about friendship bracelets anymore, for together with our customers we have taken it to the next level –check out our contest website! It’s

We have partnered with Swarovski and we have been holding jewelry contests for five years already. Everyone can take part, and create a piece of wearable art and show their talent to the world. It is unbelievable what people will create with our products! Pure inspiration!

We also pay a lot of attention to our Instagram account This is the place where we communicate with our customers, where they get to know each other. The place for new connections and inspiration, and the starting point for those who love beads but do not know where to start.

Is there any remark you would like to add…
I always wanted the kind of job that brings happiness to other people. I need to feel that my work is appreciated by others and I need to see smiles on people’s faces. I got all of this right here, at

When our customers come back for more beads, when they succeed in starting their own handmade brand, when they master a new beadwork technique or create their first brooch, they are happy and they write a thank you note to us, then I feel I am in the right place. I just really love all things that sparkle, and I am happy to spread this love all around the globe.

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