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Fabrics that renovate and change our jeans

Whether we like it or not, jeans are present in every wardrobe, though this seems to prove everyone does like them. And most of us want our jeans to look different, so we may have one for every occasion. Just like Joker cards, jeans will match almost every outfit and look great with T-shirts in casual looks or with elegant white linen or cotton blouses. They adapt to every circumstance, and even if we know nothing about perfect outfits, fashion and matching colours, results will be good whether you choose to wear T-shirts or blouses. This is what makes jeans so outstanding, because they do away with protocol.

Fabrics recreate belts
Gütermann’s fabrics open a door to those who want creativity in jeans.
The extensive variety of patterns and colours by this company helps us choose whatever suits our style and preference.
Making belts is very easy. All you need is to cut out a rectangle, twice as wide as the belt you need. And width will be defined by the loops on the waistline of your jeans. What about the length? It should be about 50 cm. longer than required by the waistline, so that you can tie both ends or use metal rings or a buckle to fasten the belt.
Add a strap of iron-on tape on the inside, to make the belt more resistant.

Appliqués on knees
Hearts, signs, squares or circles, vertical patches…all of these are great ideas if you want a slim look for your jeans. You can also make hems wider with appliqués so there are lots of choices and all of them guarantee success. It is fun to transform and change our old jeans even if you are no expert sewer, for a new belt is easy to make and this can be your first step into the world of creative hobbies. Customizing our old clothes is a great idea, and they look as good as new!

Several different collections
There are lots of collections by Gütermann, and the recently launched Bloom is great, with floral patterns, all matching one another and ideal if you want to upcycle clothes. Fabrics are 100% cotton, and this natural material is comfortable, with a great feel, and a warm look. Of course, every collection brings us many choices in terms of colours and shades. So choosing is easy, even if you want to make the simple belts mentioned above. So just take your first step and try your hand at it! No special skills required!

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