We women usually get messages about perfection. But what does it mean to look perfect? Janira has reflected on the true meaning of perfection and contributed value to comfort, femininity and the genuine essence of women. In order to answer these quest ions, the company offers women a full range of products. Janira’s “invisibles” stand out among them: Secrets, Best comfort, Greta family, Magic band, and Cotton Band.

These five lines of panties are made from extremely soft fabrics that result in comfortable and functional clothing items that leave no marks on the skin and are completely invisible thanks to the stretch strap technology integrating elastic into the fabric so there is no need for thermosealing. This also means they fit perfectly, and stay in place.

The strap may be translucent or not, or it may feature fantasy patterns, or be adjustable.

Janira is committed to helping all women to feel unique and perfect. That is why the company’s products are for real women, in so many styles, sizes, for all ages.

Janira makes every woman feel perfect, inside and out.

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