Christmas, clad in gold and silver

As our calendars show Christmas is near, we start thinking of how to lend new life to our nicest evening clothes. It is in general black and red that will welcome a touch of silver and gold to look glamorous on those special days, and Miguel García Fábrica Textil has a full range of metalized cords and ric rac tapes that will surely come in handy. Not just in gold and silver, but also in other colours.

An extensive number of choices
There are many ric rac tapes and cords by this company, in different widths, from 4 mm. to 22 mm. Silver and gold, of course, but there are others featuring glitter in tiny, almost imperceptible dots. So everyone is sure to find what they want.

Also for home décor
Our homes will also look festive if we use these products, though our philosophy will be different in this case. Metalized cords by Miguel García Fábrica Textil are indispensable if we want to make a nice centerpiece for the table. Wreaths and Christmas tree decorations will also welcome our family and friends with warmth and as they walk into our house are sure to find our creations admirable. Of course, traditional green and bright red ric racs and cords also find their place in our projects.

Wrapping up gifts
The first visual effect of a nicely wrapped gift says a lot about our good taste. Organdy ribbons in combination with thin ric rac tapes guarantee great results. Remember that Christmas gifts under the tree look so much nicer if they match our decorations, lush, glittering, and saying it all about this special season.

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