Customizing clothes is fun for younger people, and we cannot ignore it has become a trend. Rizaal is well aware of it and the Design department works to bring us ideas that in fact create a revolution in the world of haberdashery supplies. “We just launched our new products for the 2019 season, and among them there are collars, waistbands and cuffs of clothes. And sales go very well, so consumers will soon find them at haberdashery stores”, says Erika Zamora.

Ms. Puppet?
Ms. Puppet is the new elastic strap by Rizaal. Made from woven fabric, the strap stretches and its texture is similar to that of puppets worn on your hands, flexible, expressive, telling stores to kids. Ms. Puppet is elastic, practical, and flexible!

New elastic ribbon
The basic varieties are available in 20 plain colours, in two versions: thick (for the winter) and thin (for the summer). Both cuffs and waistbands have been conceived for fast, easy use. The new elastic strap, on the other hand, is available in 1.30 x 7 cm., enough for a waistband and a pair of cuffs.

Consumer target extensive
The product has been designed to address several market targets. All members in a family, for example, may choose to adapt their clothes. “We can mend cuffs and waistbands in sportswear for our kids, but the coolest patterns may also be great for women who want to make their clothes look different with just a touch. The elastic strap is something we can all use, and this guarantees the consumer target is extensive. All you need is to cut out the length you need and apply it onto clothes. Easy, and fast”, says our interviewee.

Eight different choices, and more to come
today, the new elastic strap is available in eight different choice versions “but this coming summer season we will add 10 more collections, in addition to new patterns, not just stripes but also with other shapes and Lurex”. So, obviously, functionality is not the only thing Rizaal has thought about. For there will be new, fun versions so everyone can find their own, according to their personal style.

It is not just about recycling
Recycling is in fashion today, but we can also apply this strap onto new clothes. “For instance, new clothes may look different with this traps, and it is not just about making clothes last longer. It is also great if you want to customize items with a special, differentiating touch”, Erika points out. She also invites us to watch videos on Rizaal’s YouTube channel, to find how easy it is to apply the strap onto clothes, and learn about the many versions that will be available as from March.

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