This new season Lecco presents its most recent collection of iron-ons, and as usual, variety is the rule, in terms of themes and prices. There are fantasy elbow patches, printed patterns, serigraphy, woven labels, embroidered items and laser-engraved appliqués.

For all ages
There are so many pretty iron-ons for babies and children, with animals of all kinds, ideal for mending clothes or just because you want to make them look great. Bicycles and motorbikes are the choice of active, adventurous people, young and older. Sports for those dynamic members of the family, and a number of collections inspired in fashion trends, with unicorns or military symbols. Of course, as animal patterns are so versatile and colorful, they lend a touch of originality and fun to all kinds of items.

Elbow patches
Elbow patches come in pairs, and feature animals or phrases, always modern and tender. There are also dinosaurs for the most daring, wild but so lovely that children will love to wear them! Colours are lively, so these dinosaurs seem almost human, and become great playmates for children, always with them wherever they go.

Embroidered appliqués for babies
We find embroidered appliqués for babies in the classic pale shades, like pink and light blue. The soft texture of bears and rabbits invites us to decorate clothes and accessories, to make the nursery even cozier.

“We want to point out we have created new suede appliqués, laser engraved. They feature animal faces. There are so many colours and sizes, and as suede is soft, the velvety touch of laser engraved figures creates an amazing visual effect. You will find the faces of foxes, giraffes, koalas, reindeer and tigers”.

Quality and creativity
The new collections by Lecco reaffirm the company’s commitment towards innovation and design in fantasy iron-ons, always aware of new trends, and with a special focus on imagination and creativity.

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