CMM continues to successfully market products under license, though now it is taking a further step ahead as it developed a new line of products: hair accessories.

Open to new fashion trends
“We will initially launch collections under license, to work with the following: pony tail bands, click-clack clips, hair clips, elastic cord, bobby pins, plastic head bands, and head bands”, says Sergi Martin.

Loyal to licenses
CMM is soon going to market three Disney collections: Frozen, Princesses, and Minnie, followed by Paw Patrol and LOL Surprise. Our interviewee defines this clearly: “today, the best license, that makes a difference”.

Quality controls
As products address mostly young consumers, namely children, all CMM hair accessories have been subjected to strict quality controls, 100% safe and of course, always environmentally respectful.

Retail stores
These new products will be shown at stores, in counter displays. Clients who want to market a larger number of products may choose a standing display. Both the smaller and larger displays are made from recycled cardboard.

Collections for everyone
There are consumers who do not want to follow the style of any licensed collection in particular, so the company will also market non-licensed products, to meet every need and preference.

Hair products and so much more
“We want to expand the number of available choices, so we add more products to our line of accessories, including hair brushes, bracelets, etc.”, says Sergi Martin as our interview ends.

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