The Origen Catalunya show broadcast by TV3 includes this company in its programming schedule. Their goal is to show the audience that there are Spanish companies successfully exporting their products to other countries and continents. Global markets dictate the direction on industry, and Rizaal is always working hard in order to strengthen its exportation business.

Ambassadors of Spanish products
Rizaal is one of the “genuine ambassadors” of Spanish industry. It takes pride in showing that products made in Catalonia are bought by thousands of people in other countries. Every product carrying the Rizaal label is 100% made in the company’s wholly owned factory, from production to packaging.

More about the show
We want to learn more about this initiative, and at Rizaal they tell us “due to the significant growth in international sales we were asked to present our product in this TV show hosted by Elisabeth Cortiles, and her team. There are two parts in this show: the first one is filmed in our facilities, in Sabadell; and the second part is filmed in the country chosen for that show, and our manager Ricardo Zamora will travel there, along with the team of Origen Catalunya”.

The Americas
We learn that this second part is to be filmed in Mexico, and want to know if there is a special link with that country. Our interviewee, a member of the Exportation Department, explains, “Mexico is one of our major exportation markets. This international process started in 1992 when Ricardo, the son of the founder of this company, decided to expand the footprint of our brand with Rizaal products sold abroad”.

Broadcasting the show
Origen Catalunya is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday evenings, at 20.25, on TV3. There will be 60 episodes, featuring Rizaal in one of them. The audience will learn about the dynamics of their products in Spain, and abroad.

Rizaal’s most representative product
The company’s list of products is very extensive, and there are more and more items and novelties added to it on a regular basis, in response to market needs. There is, however, a very representative product: iron-on knee and elbow patches. We are told, “iron-ons in our product range are so versatile, for whatever textile application you can think of is an opportunity for us, as manufacturers. We offer the widest choice of fabrics and textile iron-ons, and so many appliqués. Every season we add new items that adapt to market changes and needs”.

A slogan promoting customization
“Lengthen the life cycle of your clothes”, is the slogan that seeks to convey a sense of resistance, quality, and more durable items. Quality is an imperative at Rizaal. “We always keep this in mind whenever we create so our products will always be applied onto items in a safe way, and it will look as good as new for a very long time”.

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