Recently developed products

Rizaal always amazes consumers with new products that make it so much easier for us to mark belongings. Erika Zamora tells us more about this solution, planned for those in kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly, and more.

Back to school
As school starts, Rizaal selected a number of trendy designs taken from the world of movies, to mark children’s clothes so they will not lose anything. “These new labels are different because they are great even for small children who cannot read, for the character shows them which ones are their own items. The child’s name may be written on the label with the pen included. These quality tergal fabric labels need to be ironed onto clothes at cotton temperature for 30 or 40 seconds (no steam), for effective results. Then, you iron the label once again but on the back side of clothes, just to make sure”, Erika Zamora comments.

Also, labels for other everyday belongings
Embroidered labels were the first products by Rizaal, and the company has named them 2 in 1 labels, for they may be ironed on or just fixed onto items by pressing with your fingers. This second alternative makes label very useful for marking milk bottles, suitcases that are not made of fabric, school folders, and more. For these labels may be used for marking non-textile items.

Customizing items
Young people love to customize clothes, and this is a trend. However, it is not just the younger generation that chooses to do it. Rizaal patches are a good idea if you want to renovate your clothes, with a bolder, younger look. Or if you need to cover tears or holes and lend a touch of colour to jeans or backpacks and purses. For gym bags, you may also choose labels with number or letters.

“Handmade” labels
“There is a growing number of people who create and make things with their own hands, as the DYI trend grows and defines our clients are creators of styles. This is why we designed the Handmade With Love display, where consumers will find six different types of iron-on labels they can use on their creations. It’s a great final touch! A unique detail to identify your creations as exclusive”.

Much more than labels
Rizaal products are so much more than just labels. There are novelties in the company’s new catalogue, including the following:
– Fine, stretch woven elbow patches in 13 different colours, for light jackets, coats, or stretch trousers.
– Woven stretch strap with stripes in two colours, with the ideal length to cut out two cuffs and a waistline, so that end consumers can sew them onto sweaters for a trendy look.
– Embroidered kits with six different types of cacti, to decorate clothes.
– Woven labels with motorcycle designs.
– Iron-on and self-adhesive reflective tape
All of the above products ideally meet multiple needs and offer solutions to consumers’ requirements in everyday life today.

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