Whenever our DIY hobbies bring fun into our leisure time, we welcome a nice present that will help us create more, and more easily. These are useful gifts that make our relaxation time much more enjoyable.

Hemline presents three proposals, guaranteed quality products all well designed, and attractive. They come in nice boxes that make the gift more delicate.

Rose Gold
A pack of three pairs of scissors: for embroidery and sewing, and a nice thread cutter in the shape of a heart, also to be worn as a charm around your neck. Always at hand, when sewing or embroidering. Vintage style, elegant, designed to bring back to our memories those days of old.

Scissors designed for clothes making. 2.5 mm. stainless steel blades, guaranteeing the product will last. Packed in a nylon case of contemporary design, with a zipper. Elegantly presented, a quality product.

Two Gold sets, a great present
In quality cardboard boxes. Each box brings two products in pink golden shades. In one of them, stork-shaped scissors and a thimble matching in colour; and in the other box, a retractable measuring tape, also in pink golden shades, with a matching thimble.

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