Ribbons and bias tapes, loyal to their Christmas appointment

Ribbons and bias tapes for Christmas decorations are a very important market segment to Spiral by Safisa. Montserrat Figueras, the manager of this company, admits that “Christmas offers so many possibilities to us, for the creation of new designs. This is the season when we love to give presents made with our own hands, with so much love. This market segment in particular forces us to generate new ideas for our fantasy ribbons and tapes. For this market target we have an extensive, endless range of products that will contribute to the beauty of those presents we want to give to our family and friends”.

2018 Christmas, and novelties
The collection designed by Spiral by Safisa becomes larger every season, with new creations that offer clients more and more options. On this occasion, we find two new items inspired in flowers and plants, perfectly combining colours with silver and cold. These seam covers are available in the most widely sold width, 50 mm. and may be combined with other seam covers in the same family, in sizes 15 and 25 mm.

Tradition or innovation?
Are metalized colours and shades replacing the classic green or red with gold, and blue with silver? “We can say they complement one another. On many occasions, colour ribbons or tapes will perfectly combine with gold and silver. For instance, nice bows in colours combine with metalized shades when decorating our Christmas tree. And of course, large bows look great when wrapping up presents, or as part of our table decorations, in centerpieces, napkin rings and other items.

Christmas tables
As stated above, table decorations open up a world of possibilities. With some imagination or the help of tutorials we can create nice centerpieces with pinecones, wood, dried flowers…or even with candles and fresh fruit. Tablecloths and table runners will take some more time and work, but they last longer.

The indispensable Christmas pine tree
The Christmas tree stands there, bare, as a blank book that offers us a thousand possibilities. There are simple ideas, like bows in different sizes and colours, and others a bit more complex, like natural wood circles decorated with stars made with ribbons.

The most popular Christmas decorations
“Our Christmas collection offers variety and you will find silver and gold metalized ribbons, satin ribbons and tapes in so many colours with golden details, metalized ribbons, stretch Christmas ribbons, metalized mesh ribbons and many different fantasy patterns”.

Available by the meter
In general, haberdashery stores will sell ribbons and tapes by the meter, though if you buy online, you will find practical lengths and sizes to suit your needs.

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