A winter collection inspired in the stars

Lana Gatto’s collection for this 2021-22 autumn-winter season brings lively, evoking colours in natural fibres (wool, alpaca, mohair) mixed with glossy elements (sequins, Lurex). What they have created stands under the limelight in the world of hand knitting luxury yarns made in Italy since 1900. The “Moda” collection comprises 12 products: Anice, Pepe, Curcuma, Vaniglia, Cumino, and Zafferano, among others. For a symbolic trip eastwards, there are 5 in a “Limited Edition” capsule collection that glows because of the names chosen: Polaris, Sirio, Vega, Mizar, and Antares. What is the goal? To bring light to even the most sober garments!.

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