addi’s new book offers knitting fans a number of original tips and ideas, with the maritime world as a main subject

addi is present in more than fifty five countries, and the name boasts a history of almost two hundred years. Celebrated by knitting fans around the world, addi puts German engineering at the service of both professionals and amateurs with iconic knitting machines attracting a legion of fans. These machines are very easy to use, and help you efficiently create – and so fast! – all kinds of items including scarves, hats, garments, dolls, rugs, and more.

To make the most of addiExpress Professional and addiExpress Kingsize addi publishes many books, full of ideas for textile creations. The new Winding Up Nautical Stitches is for knitters who love the sea, a book that becomes a perfect ally for creations inspired by the nautical spirit. There are twenty ideas, all designed with ingenuity, to create cushions, scarves, hats or rugs in this style.

Also for kids in the family, there are ideas that will surely create fun moments for all, like pirates Trixie, Onno, Rudi, and Moses, a fun gang! Or the great tent for adventure days in the yard, a great creation that may also be used as a rug or blanket. The new book by addi brings simple, detailed explanations and lots of images, so it is the perfect excuse to bring the sea into your home, and make your vacations last so much longer as you knit.

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