addiExpress Kingsize winner in comparative test

The popular addiExpress Kingsize knitting machine is the winner of a comparative price test by

For many years now the addiExpress family and its extensive variety of small and large machines have awakened the interest of markets and gaining a leading position in the five continents. addiExpress is the knitting machine that turns the making of hats, scarves or cardigans and cushion cases into a fun game, as have addiExpress and addiExpress Kingsize for more experienced knitters. Even beginners can create their first woolen items in almost no time, with no difficulty at all, as they only need to turn the handle of the machine.

With addiExpress fans in mind, a number of books have been published with ideas and instructions for the use of machines and accessories. The company’s website lists books for crafts fans and tutorials to be downloaded for free.

The YouTube channel “addinadeln” brings lots of ideas in several languages. It is valuable information, especially now that addiExpress Kingsize has shown to be the winner in a comparative price test against many important competitors.

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