Ribbons and bias tapes, success and versatility

 New trends give way to haberdashery items for handmade creations are widely recognized today in the world of fashion. And this, for both garments and accessories, and textile decorations in our homes. Those details make our spaces a true reflection of who we are.

All kinds of ribbons

Print ribbons, Jacquard, plain, organdy ribbons…all of them find the most suitable use as they contribute beauty and style. We find that Botonfil’s collection of ribbons by the most prestigious brands are what is sure to succeed, on any fabric support, as they will surely create cohesion.

Summer purses and bags

Print ribbons with floral patterns are widely popular. The more so if applied on Denim fabric, and on white or undyed fabrics. They are suitable for oversized, handmade bags, easy to make if the right fabric is chosen. The background may be in plain colour, a soft shade matching the colours of the ribbons so the print patterns will stand out. Folk-style (in lively, intense colours) and tribal patterns (beige shade, black, brown), will also look great if applied on black or khaki green fabric. These are easy projects for there is no need to sew at an expert level. As often happens, what is simple can become extraordinary.


Our eternal jeans are already indispensable, but reinvent themselves every season as they follow new fashion trends. In this case, Denim will match a number of patterns, like abstract shapes, geometrical patterns, and of course, stripes for the navy theme is always stylish, and you may also combine it will the golden shine of lurex.

Ribbons for beach glamour

If you wear a beach hat, choose a nice print ribbon and give it a new look, with a nice bow. It is best to choose a wide ribbons in a soft shade, with a neo-Romantic spirit (whether in a plain colour, or with a print pattern of your choice). It is a simple detail that will lend your accessory a Vintage look, always appealing.

Bias tapes for home décor

Bias tapes are the classic and most favourite way of adding colour to fabric items in our homes. Our living room will also benefit from the use of bias tapes, machine-sewn onto cushion cases. This is a unique, personal touch. And you can also choose plain colours, or print patterns


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