Casa Alié was founded by Jaume Alié in 1934. With time, this haberdashery store became stronger and highly recognized, always as a family-owned business. The former owner and manager, Francisco Picarín, died, and it was his children Oriol and Núria, and his nephew Ricard who inherited the business and legacy of keeping up the high standards attained by Casa Alié. Quite a challenge it was, for Francisco Picarín had earned the respect of suppliers and the recognition of clients as a leading name in this sector. Two years have gone by since he passed, and Casa Alié continues to be a benchmark, the more so now with the evident changes society itself demands, like an active presence on the Internet, and the search for the latest novelties in haberdashery, or adding new products in tune with trends, all of this in response to market needs. Iron-ons are among these segments at Casa Alié.

Serigraphy or embroidery for new iron-ons

The variety of iron-ons Casa Alié offers its clients is especially extensive, so that everyone will surely find what they want to lend a personal touch to clothes and accessories. Iron-ons are now more popular than patches that had to be machine-sewn onto items, and the practical side is obvious, as they are so easy to apply, saving time, and bearing in mind many young people are not particularly fond of sewing. All you need is to iron them onto whatever item you want to decorate!

What can you decorate? Well, Denim jackets, for instance. The more iron-ons, the merrier! These are like tattoos for clothes. We also find them on Jeans, sports bags, urban bags, casual clothes, and there are styles that convey messages, as happens with those linked to sports, applied onto sweatshirts or sports bags. Iron-ons for children are like jewels in a treasure chest if you want to add an original, differentiating touch to their clothes. They are ideal for school folders, for nursery walls (wooden), and those for women are also great, and chosen by those of young age and young spirit. Iron-ons appeared as a novelty some time ago, but they are sure to remain. Because there are always new patterns or images, like characters in comic strips, series, movies…and every season there are novelties that follow trends emerging from changes in society as a whole.

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