Iron-ons and patches for all ages

The product knows of no limitations. And in addition, its goal is two-fold: decorating is probably the most well-known, but also covering stains caused by bleach or other substances, stains that washing cannot help with. Has it ever happened to you that your favourite blouse, sweater or sweatshirt seems to be doomed? There is no exception to that rule, for all of us have experienced this. But with CMM patches, the problem is solved! Just choose the right iron-on patch, and forget about it!

Standardized products are no longer the solution

Customization is the trend that grows and wins today. We love to use iron-ons that lend our clothes that personal seal reflecting our style and personality.

Glitter is what daring women want

CMM patches feature glamorous glitter for those daring women who want to catch the eye. Just one patch with some glitter on it, and your classic garments or accessories will change and look great! (think of purses, belts for your jeans, even patches on jeans and gym bags).

And for men…

We find iron-ons specifically for men, inspired in the world of sports, numbers or letters that you can use to apply onto gym bags or sweatshirts. Perhaps just the initials or a full name, too.

Licensed products, of course

Licensed products for kids make up a whole world of fun ideas, and they do remain loyal to their favourite characters. Which ones are the most popular to this date? What’s new this season? “This year it is all about Baby Shark and Paw Patrol. Along with Peppa Pig, these are favourites. But of course, licensed products by Disney, like Cars and Frozen, are always widely sold. This year we brought new patches like Emoji, Kawanimals, Pippi Langstrump, such a favourite with Scandinavian clients though it is also popular in other European countries. And we launched a collection of classic Disney animals: Dumbo, Bambi, 101 Dalmatians, etc. And all of them are yielding excellent results”, says Sergi Martín.

In the nursery

Nurseries, the baby’s room, all of these spaces can be decorated with patches needing no ironing. They are self-adhesive, and may be applied on walls or furniture as great allies that will bring in a fun touch to any special corner of the room.

And there is more!

Also in the nursery, why not create decorating details with our own hands? Get 2 units of each patch you like, and stick them together, back-to-back, by ironing them. Once you have the number of patches you like, get some string and cut it at various lengths. You can then hang them from the roof, or a piece of light wood. All of CMM’s patches are Oeko-Tex, Class I-certified, complying with the strictest standards. This guarantees products are safe for end consumers, and respecting our environment.

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