Consistent with its corporate policy, Addi continues to launch new products

Everything is different this year, sometimes even chaotic, and as you may know the big fair h + h in Cologne has been postponed. However, addi still has some nice and useful new items.

The addiCrasyTrioNovel needles are made of refined brass, the proven 3-piece set of flexible sock knitting needles that make it very easy to knit, even with the smallest diameters.

The length of 12.5 cm is perfect for large hands. The availability is from 2.0 to 4.0 mm. The lace tips with ergonomic square design and the square rounded edges, along with the structured surface of the needles make knitting enjoyable.

As you knit the combination of square, smooth, well-structured needles, creates the feeling of a hand massage that stimulates blood circulation and reduces stress, even when knitting for long hours at a time.

Of course, because of a high demand, the popular addiNovel needles are now available in beautiful cases with a textile structure holding up to eleven sets of metal (21 cm) or bamboo (24 cm) needles. Needles are kept safely, and get never lost. The empty case is also sold as a separate item.

All addi fans and those who want to learn more about new and existing products are welcome to visit the company’s website

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