Style to facemasks

Facemasks have become indispensable accessories, and will probably continue to be with us for quite some time. Their version for children makes up a whole separate chapter. We should pay special attention to them, as kids might exchange them at school if they look alike. Bias tapes and ribbons will help avoid this, as children may identify their own if marked with a ribbon or bias tape.

Open to special requirements

We asked Arantxa Mollá about products recommended by Corbisa. “We are willing to adapt to changes in terms of facemasks for grownups and children, as our proposal is our extensive range of colours, and those most suitable for the summer season”.

An extraordinary palette

There are many colours, in different width choices. Corbisa’s palette is based on polyester/cotton blend fabrics, the most widely used for facemasks. “Our palette comprises more than 130 colours. For children, specifically, we find they love lively, attractive, dynamic colours, in plain or combined versions. With Corbisa products, markets find it easy to get whatever they need”.

Width versions

“Most clients will choose 18 mm. wide tapes and ribbons, though there are plenty of choices, and the variety is such they can find whatever they need, for kids or grownups.

There are no limitations to our service. Our clients will find Corbisa will meet their needs with our catalogue products. And if what they want is not there, we will adapt to their requirements.”

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