Discovering new horizons with the Punch Needle

 The extensive number of textile crafts available with DMC products is truly interesting, both because there are so many choices and thanks to the many products that make things easier. Among the different techniques, Punch Needle helps us complete projects fast and easy. We can create ornaments to hang on walls, patches for customizing clothes, purses, cushion cases, and all we need is an embroidery frame.

A relatively young technique

The technique was originally from the US, back in the late XIXth century. It was initially conceived for making rugs, but the technique evolved to include other items, as mentioned above. However, the list goes on and on, for with the punching needle embroidery is visible on both sides of the fabric, and relief texture is also great. As both sides result embroidered, the visual effects give way to more ideas. Creativity soars and ideas come naturally. One project leads to the next, and you will always discover new challenges. A famous painter (Picasso) used to say that the muses of creativity would come as he worked. We cannot object to that! For it is true!

What you need…

You will need a needle that is easy to handle, with a sharp point that will pierce the fabric easily, and a threader. DMC’s punching needle comes with a wooden needle to help you thread. The fabric you choose must be soft, with the right weave for the needle to pierce it easily without tearing fibres. The embroidery frame is the tool that will help you stretch the fabric in the right way so that you can pierce it.

Choosing the right fabrics and yarns

DMC has all the right fabrics and yarns that will ensure results are great. The recommended fabric is Aida, 2.4 stitches/cm. Yarns need to be thick, to adapt to the punching needle, so Natural XL and Natural Medium will be the most suitable cotton yarns, and the Knitty family plus the thicker fantasy wools are your choice if you want to use wool.

A challenge for those with little experience

Punch Needle is right for those who have little or no experience. For it is very easily to embroidery any pattern, and even children can try their hand at it. Of course, always choose DMC’s fabrics, yarns, and wools, so results are guaranteed. Creativity and interest grow as you go, almost without realizing you are planning your next project. Discover new horizons in art and crafts! Once your project is completed, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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