Happy family

Among the most widely sold and successful products by DMC we find the Happy family. Happy Cotton and Happy Chenille are yarns specifically conceived for creating small crochet dolls and items: amigurumis.

Happy Cotton is 100% cotton yarn, very soft and smooth, perfect for crocheting dolls. The four rolled perfectly twisted combed strands result in a yarn that is ideal for easily crocheting with hooks size 3. In addition, it may be machine-washed at 40° as delicate. Happy Cotton is available in an incredible range of 50 colours, in small balls weighing 20 gr. and at very affordable prices, so amigurumi creators can very well store a good variety of shades, making the most of this great material.

Happy Chenille, on the other hand, is resistant polyester yarn that feels sweet and velvety, designed to make your creations even more adorable. It is ideal for knitting and crocheting with needles or hooks size 3 mm, and stitches slide easily. Results are spectacular, beautiful. Mini balls weighing 15 gr. are available in 25 different colours, sweet pastel shades, and richer, deeper colours that lend personality to your creations.

Also, crochet patterns

Along with Happy Cotton and Happy Chenille, DMC has launched a number of short books filled with a variety of pretty crochet patterns with step-by-step instructions, removing all limitations to creativity.

Super Happy Chenille, convenient 300 gr.-balls

As Happy Cotton and Happy Chenille are so widely accepted, a new member joins the Happy family: Super Happy Chenille. The incredible yarn shares every feature of Happy Chenille, though it is much thicker and suitable for larger projects. Super Happy Chenille has been designed for knitting with needles size 10 mm., and is available in six colours and in large balls (300 gr.) so that creating is almost endless.

Along with Super Happy Chenille, the company also published a new short book with 6 lovely projects, to create inseparable playmates for children in your family.

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