On the heels of the great success enjoyed by the pretty Vintage metal boxes, DMC adds a new member to the collection: Vintage box Number Four. The beautiful metal box with a lid in elegant colours features a design from DMC’s own history archives, representing the iconic DMC factory in Mullhouse, France, where they started producing fabrics and continue to manufacture thousands of yards of threads , floss, and yarns, distributed worldwide even today.


The box contains two pretty, delicate embroidery patterns, one traditional and the other, cross-point, sure to inspire us to enjoy the incredible, rewarding art of embroidery.

A present, and a pleasant surprise for end consumers

DMC has designed an incredible promotional pack with the Vintage box, as a present to client stores of this prestigious company, rewarding their valuable loyalty. Clients of the best haberdashery stores will receive this elegant Vintage box as a present, when buying several DMC products.

All in order, easy to carry with you

The beautiful collection of DMC Vintage boxes brings the ideal accessory to your cozy crafts corner, as it keeps everything in order inside the box. The perfect Vintage present on any occasion, for crafters who have it all. Ideal for carrying your embroidery floss collection, wherever you go.

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