Everything you need for your patchwork projects

We often think of the products or elements we need for a textile crafts project, and focus our attention mostly on the most relevant. In this case, when thinking of patchwork we will first focus on fabrics, print patterns, and colours. However, it is evident we will also need many other, indispensable elements. For without them it would hardly be possible for us to complete our patchwork project. Sanflex has everything we need, with products by solid brand that will never disappoint us. On the contrary, they contribute to rewarding results. The full range of products for patchwork projects includes those by Prym, marketed by Sanflex. We find graded cutting boards, markets, thimbles, needles, steel pins, automatic pencils and pens, angle cutters…and so much more. The list is very long, and every item on it makes it possible for us to succeed in the art of patchwork.

Passementerie contributing style

Passementerie in collections by Sanflex are just the touch our clothes and accessories need to empower a definite style. Today, recycling and customizing clothes addresses the younger generations, and sewing workshops help those who want to learn how to go about it. Among the many items in passementerie, there are tiny fringes that lend that nonchalant air daring young women love. But Sanflex also carries the classic braids, and also the multicolour frayed versions that look great on black or dark, earthen-like colours if what we seek is a tribal look. Of course, Chanel is also a classic in the couture segment, and women of all ages love this timeless, stylish touch.

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