Located just outside Barcelona, and with a history of over 50 years in the textile sector, the company’s catalogue comprises an extensive variety of fabrics. Their business is to supply rolls of fabric to meet their clients’ needs, and variety is due to the many various sectors their client portfolio covers.

National production, sustainable

Ever since the beginning the company chose to manufacture products in Spain, and they aim to continue along these lines, so products and activities are guaranteed to be respectful of our environment, reducing the impact caused by business.

The usual fabrics like cotton, Denim, Viyella…are always present, though transformed and developed to make fabrics more sustainable through the use of recycled materials empowering their most outstanding product lines, all identified and offering information on their labels.


Eco-print is the proposal in new products, created and designed by the company, and one of the most solid and widely sold fabrics.

Innovation, company team’s creations

Gonclovil Textile Services makes and markets a full collection of basic and/or innovative products, all of them empowered with their own team’s design and creation, though also flexible whenever clients bring specific needs.

In addition, delivery service is immediate as the company keeps products in stock, a full collection of the most frequently needed basic fabrics, while also serving innovative, trend-setting creations. Prices are always competitive, in tune with market needs. Among the most widely sold products we find: soft towel, gingham, patchwork, tablecloth fabrics, felt, stretch fabrics…all of them carrying the eco-print label.

Gonclovil’s market philosophy is conceived to set trends as the basic criterion is “created for you”, a differentiating factor as products are designed and customized from the beginning. This means ongoing controls of every stage in the production process: threads, weaving, dyes, finishes, and even the packaging can be customized. This is why the company works to meet clients’ needs, adapting production to their requirements. Personal attention is the way of working together with clients on their projects. Creativity and ingenuity make Gonclovil more global, “As we work with multi-disciplinary human teams with expertise in management, production, technology, design, logistics…all diverse in age, to combine experience and momentum to generate classic and innovative content”, the team of directors explains.

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