Purses, created with our own hands

Creativity is the trend today. I has always been valued, though now COVID brings the advantages of creativity closer, as we rediscover – once again – that designing clothes or home-décor accessories is so rewarding. We find that while planning and materializing our ideas to detail, there is a pleasant feeling as results are evident.

Gütermann makes it easy

We find fabric collections by Gütermann are truly beautiful, and that there are patterns of all styles, in good taste as prints and colours are always in harmony. In addition, threads by this company guarantee our creations will be resistant, as is the case with purses that need to carry weight and last for quite some time. Fast colours are also important, for we will need to wash our purse every now and then. The new Ring a Roses Sense of Harmony collection comprises fabrics combining properties in a unique way, with comfort and elegance at the top of the list. That is why fabrics in the collection are most widely sold for décor purposes and now, also for making accessories like purses in many different styles, and created by users themselves.

Fabrics by Gütermann are also availa ble as Fat Quarters and store displays make them stand out. Small squares are idea for patchwork projects, as an easy, fast way to truly attractive results for Gütermann pays close attention to matching colours.


The world of Denim welcomes everyone, young and old, and accessories are no exception. Purses included. By recycling jeans, or making them with Gütermann’s print Denim, we can make pretty purses with a touch of distinction, as patterns (fruit, flowers…) contribute colour and results are always great

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