In any film or TV series, the protagonists are usually actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters…  There is no doubt that backstage professionals doing their job contribute to great results and success. They are all cooperating so that their support, right from the start and to the very end, proves indispensable to have everything work out as it should. This may also be applied to patchwork projects. It is fabrics and patterns that we see as protagonists. Threads are not as visible, though their role is not to be underestimated. Gütermann threads are, in fact, backstage elements that contribute to the final result: a work of art. For throughout the years, patchwork has been evolving, and it is always a nice surprise to see how it turns out. Gütermann’s 100% cotton Creative threads need to be present if patchwork projects are to be effective, guaranteeing success.

Naturally beautiful thread

Gütermann Creative’s cotton threads have a main strength: they are natural, mercerized cotton sewing threads. Quality is guaranteed, as is their elegant gloss and great resistance. These factors contribute, all together, to the beauty of patchwork projects, and make the very best ideas a reality. Traditional hand sewing, or machine sewing, will always yield the very best results. Padding, sewing, stitching or creating decorative seams are pleasant activities when using these threads. Seams are smooth, uniform and perfect. The added plus of beauty is something users always recognize and value.

Natural cotton is carefully processed so seams will not frill or produce knots and dust. The company’s cotton threads will always perform well, bobbin after bobbin, seam after seam. This, because they are made with 100% natural, top-quality cotton, selected. Threads are available in various thickness and length versions, in so many solid and multicolor shades, always successfully sold.

Cotton box

These threads are also available in a beautiful tin with patchwork patterns on the lid. The tin contains 30 or 48 spools, in a pretty variety of colors, so you will always find the shade you need. The storage tin also makes a great present for any occasion.


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