Gütermann’s new collection transports us to that pleasant and relaxing feeling of being on holidays. Whatever the place and time, we feel so good. Because the collection awakens admiration in us, with a heartfelt “Wow!”

Flowers stand out

Elegant floral patterns and sophisticated details stand out in the modern print patterns recommended by Gütermann this new season. The fabrics awaken our creativity to make clothes and accessories, or set out to create patchwork items.

Lilies of the valley and dandelions create a setting that makes us breathe spring and summer in the air. Cool sky blue, clear white, dreamy pink recreate their presence in patterns that inspire us to make modern décor items for our homes, or urban clothes and accessories like purses. These fabrics will surely go with us whenever we spend a nice, cozy evening, surrounded by everything we love. The collection contributes that pleasant sense we seek during our holidays, or whenever we feel like relaxing.

Available in various formats

These fabrics, 100% cotton, come in 6-metre rolls, 145 cm. wide.

They are also available as Fat Quarters, in packs of 5 matching pieces.

Small, for specific projects. As packs contain matching pieces of fabric, it is very easy to work with them for colour harmony is guaranteed.

Fat Quarters are presented in nice packs, with a display for sales outlets showing 9 Fat Quarters each, in three different colours. Size: 376 x 114 x 121.

Tempting and visible

Nobody can remain indifferent because the collection is truly beautiful. Upon seeing these fabrics, our creative streak is awakened in just a few minutes. The challenge is right before our eyes.


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