Hemline Gold juxtaposes shades: brushed gold, matt black, brown kraft paper, and modern clear acrylic. And all of it, with the distinctive Hemline Gold seal, along with genuine hand-drawn images.

Scissors and needles, new packaging

Precision and timeless design rules the production process at Hemline Gold, and the new, amazing range of scissors guarantees high performance. There are also top-quality needles for hand sewing, packed in jars. All products feature lush details, addressing seamstresses, tailors, quilters, manufacturers, clothes menders, and more.

No more plastic packaging

The Hemline Gold collection has eliminated almost all plastic packaging by choosing recycled kraft paper, and design that has been specifically studied for their products.

Respect for our environment is reflected in beautiful glass jars with golden recyclable plastic lids for pins, safety pins, and hand sewing needles. All other plastic elements, like labels or cords, have been replaced by paper and wire items.

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