Hemline Gold is a prestigious brand in international markets, and present in Spain with Sales Work as official distributor.

The identity of this new collection

Inspired by the rich history of the haberdashery industry sector, and fused with sleek and modern finishes, Hemline Gold is already available for those who prefer quality and esthetics. British heritage is present in traditional crafts, and we find it juxtaposed with a contemporary palette including gold, matte black, brown crafts cardboard and clear acrylic. The handwritten final touch results in a great combination of the old and the new, so present in interior décor and lifestyle trends. Hemline Gold Notions appears in print on all products in this range, along with authentic drawings, all by hand. Products have been developed to meet the preferences of consumers wanting superior quality that meets with today’s trends and carefully studied esthetics.

Scissors and needles, new packaging

The timeless design of quality scissors by Hemline Gold guarantees excellent performance at all times. And quality needles for hand sewing are well protected in their packaging.

Following months of design and research work, 30 of the most versatile products are now available with the added value of lush details for seamstresses, tailors, quilters, manufacturers, menders, etc.

Hemline Gold boasts more than 60 years of history and expertise in the field of haberdashery, and is synonymous with performance, advanced craftsmanship, and timeless design.

Packaging that relates to our environment

Hemline Gold’s packaging reduces plastic in this new collection and this is the first product range packed exclusively in recycled cardboard cases and boxes, all of them designed according to the features of each product.

All packs in the Hemline Gold range are shipped in brown paper bags or cardboard boxes with barcode labels, reducing plastic waste and creating a more sustainable offering. Recycling is present in packaging by this brand, empowered by respect for our environment with beautiful glass jars with golden recyclable plastic lids for needles, pins and safety pins. Paper and wire are used for tying items, eliminating all plastic labels and cords.


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