The best nylon, cotton and synthetic yarns for knitting and crocheting

Omega boasts along tradition as a family-owned business since it was founded in the city of Mexico in 1948. The firm specializes in the production of yarns, thick and thin, in the most extensive range of textures and colours. Omega’s catalogue comprises more than two hundred products, and exports to the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Omega yarns have long been chosen for all types of creative and industrial items by professionals (making footwear, furniture, mattresses and clothing) and crafts fans.

As a pioneer in nylon threads for sectors like footwear and upholstery, the Mexican company started producing cotton threads for home use, and later added cotton yarns for crocheting. It was the launch of nylon fiber yarns for knitting that revolutionized crochet forever. La Espiga is one of the company’s product lines to soon become iconic, as the ideal material for making hammocks, macramé and a number of crafts. Today the collection comprising yarns in four different thickness versions continues to be a favourite with everyone involved in the creation of such items.

Omega is also the brand of preference because of two successful lines: La Abuelita, and Sinfonía. These two series of yarns are ideal for crocheting amigurumis (little stuffed animals or dolls) because the nylon yarns are glossy, resistant, and they slide very smoothly when working with them. There are, of course, so many

other products: cotton yarns, acrylic fiber wools…all of them perfect for hand or machine knitting and crocheting. Omega has become unique, due to the great selection of specialized products for every possible project.

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