Today’s trends recommend the use of natural materials for both knitting and making clothes. In terms of knitting we want to learn about the cotton products in collections by Hilos Omega.

Cotton, the star material

Marina Sampietro explains that “for many years, cotton has been considered one of the most important materials in the crafts sector. Whether you knit or crochet, you will find cotton adapts to multiple purposes, and that is why our clients clearly show a preference for this materials, in its various thickness versions. Our company’s infrastructure allows us to spin and dye products, and this is especially appreciated by consumers. They choose our products because the thicker yarns are ideal for pretty, attractive clothes for people of all ages, and also for home décor items”.

Referential products

Omega’s Sinfonía and Abuelita have become referential as they are in tune with the latest trends. Medium in thickness, these yarns are used for creating toys and amigurumis, clothes, accessories, and décor items. These two products open a whole world of possibilities. If our grandmothers had had the chance of discovering these yarns are so great for making toys, they’d have spent hours knitting dolls in every size for their granddaughters.

A great material, all year round

We usually think of cotton as ideal for spring-summer creations, but today, it is also used for autumn and winter clothes. Why is that? “Cotton is a noble fibre, natural, with a great feel. It will keep us warm in winter, and feels cool in the summer. The material will adapt to our body temperature. For summer creations, you can knit with stitches creating a lace pattern, and clothes will be cool and comfortable, much more so than if you use synthetic fibres”.

Every season brings its colours and thickness versions

Hilos Omega works with two different colour palettes. For spring and summer, it will be usually white, creamy and pastel shades. For winter, on the other hand, there is black, gray, beige, wooden shades, blue and green, all of them in so many different intensities. These colours, however, can also be chosen for other seasons and you will find them in print, shaded or plain versions. Preferences are dictated by fashion trends, always evolving and changing. Omega’s products are available in 20 different thickness versions.

Fashion accessories

Fashion is like the proverbial chameleon, so it will propose so many imaginative ideas. Omega yarns are used for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purses, belts…and now that Macramé is trendy, possibilities are multiplied.

The baby’s layette

Textile items for babies will always call for cotton. The fine, smooth yarns are great for knitting bedcovers, or for embroidering sheets, bibs, and clothes. Hilos Omega also manufactures embroidery floss.

Younger generations take up knitting by hand

“We notice younger people are taking up knitting, and they use video tutorials and follow designers’ ideas, always cool and new. As manufacturers, we are also highly interested in following them”, our interviewee comments.

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