Omega was founded in Mexico in 1948 as a manufacturer of quality yarns and threads, in various colours and textures. The company is proudly Mexican, and has been working hard for more than 70 years to bring into the market a full range if yarns and threads for home and industry use: hobbies, handcrafts, footwear makers, furniture makers, mattress and clothes makers.

First known as Hilos El Jilguero, it was originally headed by José Sampietro and his wife Emiliana. They started producing cotton threads for home use, and then added crochet and cotton yarns to their product catalogue. Persistence, dedication, and good management resulted in growth of a business now run by their three children.

Omega was the first textile manufacturer to introduce nylon thread for clothes makers, as well as for upholstery and footwear producers in Mexico. Also, and over 40 years ago, the company  launched a range of nylon-fibre yarns that caused a revolution in the crochet universe. This gave way to a thicker nylon version (La Espiga) offering quality material for making hammocks, macramé projects, and many other purposes.

The art of good knitting was also promoted by a number of quality yarns for knitting and crocheting. Always offering high-quality products. In 2000 Omega had an opportunity: the merger with Estambres Tamm, a leading company founded in 1930, and producing acrylic and wool yarns for knitting by hand or machine. In 2001 it merged with Hilatura La Reforma, a manufacturer of cotton yarns in all possible versions.

Today, Omega represents jobs for more than eight hundred people, with four factories (all located in Mexico), and 250 different products they export to the USA, Latin America, and Europe. The symbol of quality in Mexico and around the world, is due to the excellent work of their teams, and continued loyalty of clients.

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