KnitPro International, the leading makers of products for handcrafts and hobbies, brings us a surprise this season: the original, exclusive collection of needles known as Day & Nite, conceived as the perfect present for the holidays and Christmas season. This special set of circular, exchangeable knitting needles may be used with all kinds of yarns.

This innovative line of products helps  expert knitters show off their creativity and expertise, by working with yarns in an endless number of colours. More especially, if the yarn is too dark or light, which causes stitches to merge. So KnitPro created Day and Nite, with exchangeable knitting needles that turn night into day and day, into night.

The larch wood of these needle tips are shiny on one side and dark, on the other. So if you swivel the needle it will be easy to see the darker stitches against the light background, or the light stiches against the dark one.

Day and Nite catches the eye not only because of the unique needles but also due to the elegant gift box including eight pairs of exchangeable needles in various sizes: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, and 11. With black swiveling stainless steel core cables: in 60, 80 and 100 cm., along with cable connectors. As an extra bonus, 4 handmade wood buttons.

The lush box was created as a 3D work of art in layers, for a visual effect of perspective, so that one shape is in front of, or behind another. It gives a beautiful appearance while holding this box.

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