Knitting is the starting point of Autumn

 Knitting continues to enjoy good health. And, if possible, it has become stronger due to quarantine and social distancing caused by COVID 19. Those who loved to knit have continued to do so, while many others have taken up the hobby, thanks to social networks. Mariana Sampietro tells us, “many people have found during this time of quarantine that knitting and crocheting help them relax. Even though so many stores were closed, some knitters had wool and yarn in stock at home, left over from other projects. And others have resumed their work at some project long forgotten. On the other hand, online tutorials have encouraged many to learn while contributing new ideas we could discover. Tutorials are easy and popular, as they also help us overcome depression and forget about problems”.

Recommended products

What products does Omega recommend for the 2020-2021 autumn-winter season? Our interviewee says cotton is ideal, “for it is a natural fibre that will adapt, regardless of the season”. It is precisely ‘Autumn’, along with ‘Sinfonía’ that become perfect allies due to their properties, as do La Abuelita, and also the fine Dalia, Armonía, Kuku Super and Tamm 2000. All of them are highly suitable”.

Thinking of babies

“Crochet is the most suitable technique when it comes to planning projects for babies. Knitting is ideal for clothes, but if you want to make shawls or rugs, then crochet is the best choice”.

Colours and shades

Our interviewee announces, “some of the colours we expect to be most widely used include gray in every possible shade, mustard, some shades of yellow, and black”. All of these trends, in terms of both colours and stitches, are reflected in the magazine “Aida, stitches and ideas”.


Marina Sampietro points out to scarves and shawls in every size, colour and pattern, all of them elegant because they contribute a touch of style to any outfit. “They are very easy to make, and the result is eye-catching, every time”.

Needles or crochet hooks for accessories?

“Needles, if small in size, are recommended for fashionable, elegant accessories. Crochet has two different versions: depending on yarn thickness, you can make a lush accessory or a rustic one, when choosing thick material”.

Stay home and discover more

“Now so many of us have been forced to stay home due to this pandemic, there are lots of women who could value that time they spent indoors, and we are happy to see so many great projects, so many people learning. We have shared time with other knitters, friends and family, and social networks have helped us show what we could create, with such joy when discovering new projects. For even in the worst circumstances, we need to know there’s so much to see, do, and value. There are lots of good things we can do!”.

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