Thimbles, so inconspicuous yet practically indispensable

Thimbles are small, conic-shaped and hollow, with a punctured surface and usually with a ball-like top to protect our finger when sewing. It is a tool regarded as indispensable for hand-sewing purposes, and though inconspicuous, their role and function have been widely recognized due to the usefulness of such a small item.

Can you sew without a thimble?

Yes. It is possible, though there is always the risk of hurting your finger. Thimbles mean your thumb and pointing finger are free as you wear it on your middle finger to press against the end of the needle. So among the advantages of wearing a thimble we can mention that sewing by hand is of course made easier, safer and faster. Metalúrgica Folch brings us 6 different thimble sizes: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 mm. These are conveniently packed into 12-unit boxes for stores.

Metal thimbles

Metal thimbles are those most usually found, and it is probably because they prove to be resistant and long lasting even when frequently used. Ergonomically designed thimbles by Metalúrgica Folch are made from quality brass and nickel, and become indispensable partners for those sewing by hand. They are also great allies for embroiderers. In addition to the standard silver-coloured thimbles, Folch also makes them in bronze and golden shades.

The origins

In the past, thimbles were an important part of any woman’s possessions, most commonly made from bone, ivory, bronze, and even wood. The shape of a topless cone with a punctured outside was typical. Today, modern thimbles by Metalúrgica Folch look very different from those, as tempered steel makes them highly resistant so their effectiveness remains unaltered throughout the years, just as they were when first designed or manufactured.

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