Metalúrgica Folch produces more than 150 different pin versions. Over the past few years, clients have placed orders for nickel-coated mild steel pins in sizes 10, 13, 16 and 18 mm. for appliqué purposes. Demand levels continue to be high, though the most widely sold are pins with oval heads in several sizes and colours, like 22 x 0.59 mm, 26 x 0.59, and 30 x 0.59.

Professional synergies

Those leading Metalúrgica Folch discovered Puntada y Punto on the Internet. The company was immediately contacted by them, and their expert in Patchwork technique, Juliana María Suarez, talked with us about their experience with Folch products. “I created content on social media about the need for high-quality products, and pins by this company are precisely what we want and use. After I uploaded the video, the executives at Metalúrgica Folch contacted me and we started sharing information, knowledge, experiences”, Juliana comments.

Products chosen

Juliana María tells us that, “among pins by Folch, those with flat heads or heads shaped like flowers are very practical for making blocks for they never damage the fibres, and leave no marks on the fabric. You can cut the fabric with the measuring ruler and as they are flat, pins will never affect the size of the squares. Pins for creative hobbies are also interesting and practical as you hold in place the folded edge and can sew by hand without hurting your fingers. Pins with oval crystal heads are great for paper piecing and projects, or foundation quilts if you use Dome colours (designed by Josep M. Folch, and unique, like no others available in the marketplace). Glass heads will help you temporarily join fabric squares before sewing, and are easy to remove. Also, the heads do not melt if you iron the fabric. Pins with plastic heads are ideal for making dolls and their parts, which you can fix to the body before sewing, or use them to mark details prior to embroidering. Colour safety pins are fun, and curved pins are perfect if you need to hold together three layers of fabric for padding by hand or with a sewing machine”.

Differentiated, outstanding quality

Juliana María says that one of the major difference between Folch products and others is that “the progressive point and the diameter of the pin mean you will never damage the fibre of the fabric. And they will not rust. They are hard enough so they will not bend, and you can easily put together the pieces of your patchwork project, for this technique is all about creating a perfect visual effect by combining shades, textures, and/or colours”.

A strong alliance

“The alliance recently created with Metalúrgica Folch builds on the experience of both parties, so we will be able to develop new alternatives. I take pride in thinking of myself as a Folch ambassador on this side of the world”, the designer comments as our interview comes to an end.

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