Montbriart is a visual arts exhibition held at Montbrió del Camp (September 3rd and 4th), and Metalúrgica Folch was present, once again, at the 10th edition with products motivating crafters with the company’s pins. On previous occasions Folch contributed materials for art workshops, though this year it showed so many different uses and applications in works of art created with head pins.

Successfully present

Montbriart is an event that brings out the values of art and creativity. Folch had the opportunity to compile so many anecdotes and historical data pertaining to the Pin Factory thanks to visitors – former workers, their families and neighbours. The Mayor of Montbrió, Carmina Blay Boquera, the Director of Territorial Services of Tarragona Lourdes Malgrat, Camí Mendoza and Mercé, First Vice President of the Tourism Agency (Costa Dorada brand) visited Folch and were amazed to learn it is the only remaining pins fabric in Spain. One of the major attractions was the pin-making machine exhibited. The first one reached Spain in 1887, shipped from England.

Montbriart’s identity

The singularity of Montbriart is in the way neighbours lend artists their doorways for them to show their works of art. There are iconic doorways at Montbrió del Camp, shared with artists. In Folch’s space, the work by Silvia Corral — who has been working at the company since 1997 was SILONPINS, created with safety pins. Montbriart continues to grow in both quality and number of artists and visitors. Every edition of Montbriart features a guest artist who offers a live session to show how they create their works of art. Carme Bassa was the guest artist during this tenth edition.

Montbriart and Metalúrgica Folch

The exhibition lends dynamics to both art and the town of Montbrió del Camp, where many people feel especially linked to the factory, a sense of belonging and so many memories and secrets as so many neighbours have worked at this company at one time or another. There is also a project to open the factory to visitors. Jordi Folch, the owner and president, along with Josep M. Folch, the current manager, are working on this so that the factory-museum can reveal the history and secrets of the only factory of its kind remaining in Spain.

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