Metalúrgica Folch launches a new product line. Quality and functionality are, of course, the same as in all pins produced by this company for almost a century, though with every technical evolution. These are the new globetrotter pins.

No. 8 for seamstresses in attractive packaging

The globetrotter is the company’s best-selling products due to its properties. Tempered, hardened steel, No. 8 pins are 34 mm. long and 0.60 mm in diameter, thin, resistant, with a progressive tip. As it is so widely used in clothes making and many other applications, it is aptly called “the globetrotter”.

Vintage boxes

Packaging used to be pretty in the past, with a special touch, conceived for further use. What did our grandmothers do with metal boxes, once they used the content to make a nice meal? They would reuse them, as containers for rice, flour, sugar…and if the boxes were small, they’d keep buttons, pills and haberdashery supplies in them.

New packaging, new properties

Metalúrgica Folch conceives packaging as an advantage, so pins are easy to carry, always at hand. A seamstress may feel inspired when far away from the workshop, and need to use pins, so the box with a sliding case protects contents from falling out.

At the sales point

The display is designed for 48 boxes containing 10 grs. each, 150 mm x 160 mm x 70 mm in size, ideal for the countertop in any store. Repeat orders are for boxes with 10 units.

Globetrotter pins

The first edition of globetrotter pins will go to 12 destinations: Barcelona, Bruges, Köln, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Santorini, Seville, and Tarraco.

Metalúrgica Folch is confident this first edition will become favourites with their loyal clients, and plan to add more destinations to this first selection.

What about collectors?

We can’t forget collectors. Souvenirs, experiences, emotions, collected in small or big items. Collections are made up of objects that are alike in identity, but differ in details, and collectors are always seeking to find that one additional piece to their shelves. This new edition will suit them perfectly.

Tourists will love them

We are all tourists. So many times we have visited a store, but there was nothing we loved. Now, globetrotter pins can become a souvenir of the cities clients visit. A honeymoon in Santorini, a romantic weekend in Paris, a visit to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the forum in Rome…every city will connect us to a magic, special time in our lives.

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