KnitPro International announces the worldwide arrival of The Mindful Collection. Following the successful launch of this collection in the USA and Canada, where it has attracted a large number of followers since the first moment, the company decided to present this innovative product line in other countries. New products will be available at stores as from July.

With this collection, KnitPro wants to convey the intense emotions produced by knitting, a quiet, compelling art. New products enhance the esthetics and functionality, but also the emotional side as knitting relaxes and proves to be soothing.

In order to reinforce the idea, the new range of needles in quality stainless steel deliver superior performance, while inspiring with positive and soothing words. KnitPro representatives state that The Mindful Collection “strengthens the meditative qualities of knitting as an art, by using words such as breathing, believing, dreaming…all related to meditation”. Every needle tip has an exclusive inspiring word in small print, according to size.

As a complement, the company has created a good number of pretty bags and accessories, like chakra stitch markers, or swivel cables, and Vintage bluish-green darning needles, or beautiful row counting rings.

The Mindful Collection, creative elements

The creative team at this company chose the colours, tools, bags, and eco-friendly packaging that lend life to The Mindful Collection. Bluish green was selected because it conveys a sense of calm renovation, and will easily match a variety of colours.

Also, members of the creative team have added words to colours, with laser-printed motivational words on every needle, one for each size, to reinforce the emotional side of knitting.

The culminating detail is the definition of this collection by means of a geometrical shape considered sacred and representing the universe and life. The symbol is widely used in Yoga and meditation practices, representing the search for completeness. It is also used to train attention and the ability to concentrate.

Packaging is made from biodegradable materials, to contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem.

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