New collection for the 2020-2021 autumn-winter season

Bergere de France is always up to date with market demands and new trends, so it creates new collections every season. These creations inspire knitters all around the world, and it is only natural that Bergere de France is internationally known as a prestigious brand.

Improving iconic products

The new collection reveals that ALASKA has been improved with new acrylic for better end results and a great look and feel. ANGORA and CACHEMIRE are now replaced by CIRRUS. BALTIC is now included in BARISIENNE 7.COTON NATURE, replaced with COTON PURE, is available in an extensive range of colours. LUXE has been discontinued, as are MERINOS and ALPAGA. PARADOU has been replaced by FILOU (winter version)FLOCON has replaced SIBERIE. SPORT+ replaces SPORT. TWEED has been discontinued. TWISTE has been discontinued. DUVET replaces WAOUH

Now and always, a leader

So, the new winter collection by Bergere de France adapts to new fashion trends, for as fashion changes, so do products. Trends are cyclic, and products change as is only natural, though in this case, Bergere de France has always maintained its seal as a brand, based on guaranteed quality and this is why the company is – and has always been – an international leader in the sector of wools and yarns for knitting of creating petit point projects.

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