Amazing yarns, as usual

Following the success of Nova Vita (no, Nova Vita 12), DMC launches Nova Vita 4, a new recycled cotton yarn made from textile waste. Nova Vita 4 is thinner, ideal for 4 mm. crochet hooks, and with a more extensive range of ideas for crochet creations.

Nova Vita 4, Oekotex Standard 100-certified, guarantees the yarn is environmentally friendly and does not contain any toxic substances. It is a yarn conceived for the future of our planet. DMC is all for responsible consumption and reusing products to care for our environment, so it created Nova Vita 4, as recycled cord yarn, and even the packaging and label may be used for compost purposes. The label may be planted, and watered, so it will later sprout and we will enjoy a nice plant in a pot. Nova Vita 4 labels and time will result in beautiful flowers that will fill your home with Nature by just watering!

Nova Vita 4 is eco-friendly yarn, with a perfect structure for crocheting, knitting, or refined macramé projects. The incredible palette of 18 great colours (12 warm, and 6 multicolor-effect shades) is a source of inspiration for making purses, accessories, and home décor items. Every Nova Vita 4 spool contains 200 mt. of yarn for completing projects like 2 tablecloth covers, plus 2 crocheted coasters. If you choose to do so, with 2 spools you can also make a large purse.

With Nova Vita 4, the recycled and recyclable yarn, DMC contributes to the circular economy by recovering cotton waste in a sustainable way, transforming it into new yarns, which will later be recycled as well. DMC chooses sustainability and responsible consumption. Nova Vita 4 is proof of it.

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