Cases for knitting needles and crochet hooks

Soft felt, beautiful cases, finished by hand, and in a variety of colours, containing needles and accessories in the Pony collection, marketed by Sales Work. All of them have specific compartments adapted to content. Cases with exchangeable tips have connectors and pins in a practical, additional, exchangeable bag.

Exchangeable tips. C

oloured, anodized aluminium tips, beautiful and extra smooth as they are polished to make knitting more enjoyable. With laser-marked markers.

Wooden. Wooden needles, wood obtained from sustainable forests. Dye and pigment-free.

Bamboo. Tips in bamboo wood, soft, light in weight, warm and natural. Everything necessary to make knitting so much easier.


Maple. From German sustainable forests. Chemical-free and biodegradable.


Pony Flair. Hand-applied organic colours. Chemical-free and biodegradable products.


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