Consistent with the lines set early this year, Sanflex continues to extend its catalogue with a focus on handmade textile creative crafts for fans of every level. From little things contributing a touch of colour and personality to our decorative items, to more ambitious projects knowing of no limits but those imposed by our hands.

Brazilian patchwork

This is why Sanflex has chosen to expand its range of fabrics for patchwork projects, though the company does not stop at the traditional fabrics, and thanks to the contributions from clients with great expertise in this family of products, Sanflex has added Brazilian Fabrics.

This kind of fabric is not seen too often in Spain. Its quality and support is similar to American fabrics, though textures and feel are so unique they have earned the company such trust on the part of clients.

We can already find this fabric here, but this is just the beginning. Every season, they will continue to add new varieties and print patterns to this product line.

The company works in close collaboration with exclusive suppliers, so stores, artisans and workshops are guaranteed to receive the orders they place with Sanflex every season, as they will be available to meet their needs.

Creative holidays

New technologies for creating patterns and 3D printers result in an almost endless number of patterns and combinations. Sanflex, however, feels motivated by the creative explosion of repercussions in their sector. Resin appliqués continue to be the novelty on both the catalogue and their online store.

Would you like this Christmas to be different? The company has shepherds, Nativity scenes and animals to help us create our decorations, so there is no need to use metal food wrap to imitate the river. With some fabric, an embroidery loop, and our own skill we can create a beautiful manger scene.

What about next Halloween? Ghosts, tombstones and Jack o’ Lanterns with resin decorations will help us celebrate, and we can also crochet a large Jack o’ Lantern filled with smaller ones, sewn together.

This coming winter we can count on Sanflex to make our store look pretty, so clients will be able to explore so much creativity. The team is always available, willing to meet consumers’ needs, with the passion and enthusiasm crafts and projects require.

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